Final week in the MTC

I’ve been having a good time at the MTC.  I’ve loved seeing how many sisters are serving.  The numbers keep growing.  My companion is one of the first 19 year old sisters to serve.  She’s incredible and has become a great friend to me.  The new sisters in our District are going to Nashville.  I’ve already told them how amazing it is there 🙂  I’m down to my last week in the MTC.  I head to Montana on Tuesday (January 15th).  Time is weird on a mission.  The days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days.  Although my time here has been really difficult, I have found so much joy and have made incredible, life-long friends.  In our testimony meeting this past Sunday, the Spirit was so strong.  I loved hearing the humble testimonies of the young missionaries in our zone.  I can already see the Lord starting to make of them something amazing.  I can see Him making amazing things of me as well.  I can’t wait to teach the people of Montana!  I know that I have been called there for a very specific purpose.  My Branch President said in our district meeting this week, “Love the Lord, take what you’ve learned, and go give ’em heaven.”  That’s what I plan to do.  Satan creates the illusion that the world offers a sure foundation.  Don’t be deceived.  There is no greater or more sure of a foundation than the gospel of Jesus Christ.  If you build your life upon it, you will be happy.  I love you all!  May you find comfort in the knowledge of a Savior.  He loves you personally and wants to help you walk on water.  Always keep your sight on Him and you will never sink.

Love Always,
Sister Howes


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