February 18, 2013


101_1268[1]101_1257[1]Well, I’ve officially made it through my first transfer in the mission field. I can’t believe I survived! I’m staying in Helena and my companion and I are staying together. I’ll probably be training next transfer though with all of the new sister missionaries coming in.

Every Thursday for our weekly service, we go visit some people at a Care Center. Last week, one of the staff members saw me with my guitar and asked me to play for all the residents during their music time. I accepted the invitation and asked if it was okay that I share some religious songs. She said “yes”, so I sang a couple of religious songs I have written. The staff members loved it and said that they’ve never seen their residents as quiet and attentive as they were while I was singing. I think that somewhere inside their frail mortal bodies, they felt the spirit of my music. They invited me to come back every week and sing to them. I’m grateful for that opportunity!

Later that same day, I got to sing a song I have written called “Love You Have For Me” to a lady who over the years has drifted away from God. Some of the lyrics are “so many times I seem to lose my way. Lost in all the lies that push away your grace. I can’t believe I ever got that far from the Hands that wear my scars. So merciful. You lift me up every time I fall. I can’t believe the love You have for me.” When I finished the song, I looked up to find tears streaming down her face. She said that she felt the Spirit through my music.

I’m so grateful for opportunities to share the gospel and for the power that music can have on the hearts of many!


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